We are pleased to announce that we now have a new United States Reutter Porcelain Distributor: Welcome to Karen and Andrew Aird.

Karen brings a wealth of experience to the distribution of the Reutter Porcelain Line. She has been in wholesale since the late 1990’s representing manufacturers from England in the USA, most notably Glasscraft and “A Woman’s Touch”.

As a child her love for miniatures was nurtured by her talented grandmother. Karen attended Dollhouse Shows up and down the East Coast  helping her grandmother Marion Jantz; a self-taught miniature glass blower.  In 1990, Karen started her first business “Jantz’s Glass & More”, which became “Karen Aird Miniatures” when she  married her husband Andrew in 1998.  Both Karen and Andrew are well-known faces at Dollhouse Shows all over the USA.   Karen has owned and operated
dollhouse stores in New Jersey since 2001, first in Summit, and currently in the heart of Basking Ridge, where she lives with her family.

Karen has sold Reutter Porcelain for over 20 years, and Karen and Andrew are very excited to have now been selected as the new USA representative by the Reutter family.



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New Wallpaper from Bradbury & Bradbury.  Our exciting new Artisan, Bradbury & Bradbury has ventured into creating 1:12 scale Dollhouse Wallpaper. These breathtaking dollhouse wallpapers are the highest quality and most vivid designs I have seen.

Who are they?  Founded in 1979 by Bruce Bradbury they began with the mission of recreating the best in historic wallpaper design. This incredible company is a pioneer in recreating and reinterpreting 19th and 20th century historic wallpaper.  Their legendary line of wallpapers have set the standard for Victorian interiors for over four decades.  The designer, Steve Bauer, took over the company in 2005, and has extended the range of wallpaper styles to include the Arts and Crafts, Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern eras. Bradbury continues to add to their popular Victorian and Arts and Crafts collections.

So who would be a better choice to give our miniature world historically accurate wallpaper with killer designs?  We are starting with an introduction of 12 new designs available now in our dollhouse wallpaper category under Bradbury & Bradbury.

Available exclusively at  Dollhouses and More exquisite paper will soon prove to be the highest standard in dollhouse wallpaper.

Arts and Crafts Metford Frieze with Jeffrey Wall

Arts and Crafts Apple Tree Frieze and Springfield Stripe


Victorian Dresser Victory Frieze with Roland Wall

Arts and Crafts Lion and Dove Frieze with Briar Rose Wall

Gothic Squirrel Frieze and Wall

Arts and Crafts B.J. Talbert Clematis Frieze with Arbor Wall

Sylvia Rountree Miniature Shoes. Sylvia Roundtree of The Dolls Cobbler is one of the worlds finest miniature shoe artisans. I met Sylvia 8 years ago at the Dealer Miniatures Artisan show in Aurora, Ohio.  I remember being blown away by her intricate shoe creations all masterfully rendered in real leather.  An accomplished artisan, Sylvia is a prestigious Guild Fellow in the International Guild of Miniature Artisans and is in the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts Academy of Honor. NAME is an educational, non-profit organization dedicated to serving the miniature collector and builder.

Sylvia works out of her home studio in Berlin, MD.  Striving for realism,  she has a unique method of rendering her creations. Sylvia uses thin kid skin leather and card stock. The look of each shoe or boot is based on how she skillfully cuts and fashions the material. Each one is different, which adds to their charm. Her work is authentic and extremely realistic. The technique she uses is very different from other miniature artisans, which often base their miniature shoes on a piece of resin. Sylvia has mastered the art of shoe making, but also makes miniature luggage and some accessories.  Besides miniature shoes and boots in an array of styles and color, she  also has done impressive commission work. One well known commission is the hand made miniature suitcase luggage Sylvia created for the movie “Stuart Little”

Originally from Hudson, Ohio Sylvia started out as a school librarian in the Cuyahoga Valley and had a life long love of miniatures. She started making miniatures as a hobby over 50 years ago has been a full time working artist for many years now.

Because her shoes sell out quickly as soon as they arrive, we have only a few pieces of Sylvia’s work in stock at the moment.  If you sign up for our Dollhouses and More newsletter, you will receive early notification of not only Sylvia Roundtree but all of our miniature artisan newest arrivals.

















































We are introducing our Newest Artisan George Peterson.  I first met this smiling delightful man at the Aztec dealer show in 2015 and was completely mesmerized by his impressive collection of hand crafted leather miniatures. George Peterson has been hand crafting leather miniatures for the past 40 years.  He started out in miniatures by working with his wife Shirley who was also a master leather crafter.  Making miniatures for over 20 years George works from his home studio in rural Pennsylvania. Utilizing hand shaved thin leather or suede, which he dyes himself and cuts by hand. George painstakingly creates each miniature in perfect scale from his own patterns. The detail of his work is incredible and super authentic.  Prestige Leather has everything from snow shoes, to cowboy purses and canteens to cowboy hats, knives and boots. Everything is historically accurate with a worn vintage look. Prestige Leather sells out very quickly so do not hesitate if you see something you


























We carry the glass creations of world renowned British artisan Philip Grenyer.  Philip hand blows all his  delicate work in cranberry, green, blue and clear glass in 1:12 scale. In the world of hand blown miniature glass, Phil Grenyer is an exceptional talent. I first met Philip in 2009 at the dealer show in Aurora, Ohio. I remember his booth was almost completely sold out by the time I arrived but I placed and order and was delighted when my first shipment arrived.  Opening one of Philip’s shipments is like being a kid in a candy shop once again.

Philip began his glass blowing career as an apprentice in Newcastle, Great Britain where he was producing laboratory and scientific glassware. He later went on to work in London and Switzerland extending his knowledge of glass and eventually returning to Newcastle. Today, Philip offers a wide range of miniature glassware in a variety of color choices, the most popular one being cranberry glass.

We carry all of the Grenyer designs we can get our hands on, which is currently 206 delightful pieces. Although he is known for his cranberry glass, the clear, frosted, green and blue glass pieces are equally delicate. Our latest shipment from Philip had the most beautiful translucent green glass which reminded me of depression green glass. These beautiful pieces do sell out quickly so if you see something that you fancy do not hesitate.



Artisan Cranberry Glass Nesting Bowl Set by Philip Grenyer

Artisan Cranberry Glass Spiral Vase by Philip GrenyerArtisan Glass Ribbed Fan Cranberry Vase by Philip Grenyer