We are introducing our Newest Artisan George Peterson.  I first met this smiling delightful man at the Aztec dealer show in 2015 and was completely mesmerized by his impressive collection of hand crafted leather miniatures. George Peterson has been hand crafting leather miniatures for the past 40 years.  He started out in miniatures by working with his wife Shirley who was also a master leather crafter.  Making miniatures for over 20 years George works from his home studio in rural Pennsylvania. Utilizing hand shaved thin leather or suede, which he dyes himself and cuts by hand. George painstakingly creates each miniature in perfect scale from his own patterns. The detail of his work is incredible and super authentic.  Prestige Leather has everything from snow shoes, to cowboy purses and canteens to cowboy hats, knives and boots. Everything is historically accurate with a worn vintage look. Prestige Leather sells out very quickly so do not hesitate if you see something you



Brown Leather Briefcase by Prestige Leather

Black “Worn Look” Leather Cowboy Hat w/Teal Trim by Prestige Leather